Autism spectrum disorder in genetic syndromes



Presenter: Professor Chris Oliver

Date of Presentation: 2015

Conference or event: Rare diseases - a view into the future


Overview of the talk

Chris Oliver is a professor of neurological conditions at the University of Birmingham and head of The Cerebra Center for Neurodevelopmental Disorders. He is a graduate psychologist at the University of Edinburgh and specialized as a clinical psychologist before completing his PhD on self-harm in people with disabilities at the Institute of Psychiatry in London. Chris Oliver works specifically with behavior and mental health in people with severe developmental disabilities, genetic syndromes and autism spectrum disorders. He has previously lectured on a course at Frambus on cri du chat syndrome, Angelman's syndrome, Cornelia de Langes syndrome and Rubinstein-Taybis syndrome. From the course "Rare diagnoses - where does the way go?" (Rare diseases - a view into the future)