Professionals Shaping Neurodevelopmental Research Event


Presenters: Dr Caroline Richards, Dr Andrew Olson, Dr Kate Woodcock, Professor Matthew Broome, Dr Biza Stenfert Kroese, Dr Lucy Wilde

Date of Presentation: 19th January 2018

Conference of Event: Professionals Shaping Neurodevelopmental Research Event

Venue: University of Birmingham


Overview of the talks


Practitioners in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders were invited to the Professionals Shaping Neurodevelopmental Disorders Research Event. The day offered an opportunity to hear about exciting research currently being undertaken at the University of Birmingham, ranging from mental health promotion programmes through to school based interventions to address difficulties with changes to routine. Available below are some of the resources presented on the day, as well as Research Gate, which is a useful tool for discovering accessible research.




Assessing Cognition in metabolic disease- Dr Andrew Olson


A mental health promotion programme to improve emotional, social and coping skills in children and young people in special schools: A feasibility study- Biza Stenfert Kroese, Gemma Unwin & Ioanna Tsimopoulou


Improving Outcomes for Clinical Difficulties in Children with Autism: Sleep, Pain and Self-injury- Dr Caroline Richards


How can we reduce difficulties with changes to routines and expectations experienced by people with neurodevelopmental disorders- Dr Kate Woodcock


The Institute for Mental Health- Professor Matthew Broome


Professionals Shaping Research in Neurodevelopmental Disorders- Dr Lucy Wilde