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Key Fact
The level of independence achieved in daily living skills will depend on the individual with Cri du Chat syndrome.

Everyday Living Skills in Cri du Chat Syndrome

Children with Cri du Chat syndrome (CdC) have delayed motor development, which refers to the control of large and small muscles that are used for walking, jumping and holding objects; however, while motor development is delayed most children are eventually able to walk. 


Adaptive skills such as washing and dressing require fine motor control and planning, and many children and adults will need help with these daily tasks. The development of self-help skills may be delayed among children with CdC syndrome but some do achieve a degree of independence in this area.


In one recent research study it was found that by the time children were 3.5 years old, a quarter of children could use a spoon to eat, and half of the children in the study could dress by the time they were 5 years old.

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