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Key Fact
The high levels of sociability in Williams syndrome can make individuals very vulnerable, so educating individuals about social scenarios is essential.

​Social Skills in Williams Syndrome

People with Williams syndrome tend to have a strong drive for social interaction with others. This is often referred to as hypersociability and is present in children and adults with Williams syndrome.


Hypersociability is one of the most striking characteristics of people with Williams syndrome, it it evident from an early age and may be associated with individuals' better developed expressive language and higher language functioning. Hypersociability is present in children and adults with Williams syndrome.


People with Williams syndrome are more likely to approach strangers than people who are typically developing. It is important to be aware of this characteristic since it can make people with Williams syndrome very vulnerable and more likely to end up in dangerous and risky situations. So it is essential to teach people with Williams syndrome about safety awareness and the dangers of approaching strangers. It is also important to practice social scenarios and situations to ensure that individuals can apply what they know, in theory, to real-life settings.

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