Symptoms and diagnosis of autism in individuals with genetic disorders


Presenter: Dr Jane Waite

Date of Presentation: 15th March 2018

Conference of Event: Autism Today Annual Meeting 2018

Venue: America Square Conference Centre, London 


Overview of the talk


In this presentation given at the Autism Today Annual Meeting 2018, Dr Jane Waite introduces the behavioural phenotypes associated with genetic syndromes. The prevalence and nature of autism in genetic syndromes is then described followed by a discussion about the challenges of assessing autism in a population with genetic syndromes.


About the Presenter

Dr Jane Waite, Lecturer in Psychology, Aston University, Birmingham, UK.

Jane Waite is a Lecturer in Psychology at Aston University and a Clinical Psychologist.  Jane completed her PhD at the University of Birmingham, which focused on the behavioural and cognitive phenotype of Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome. Following her PhD, she continued her research into behaviour and cognition in rare genetic syndromes including Williams, Kleefstra, Lowe and Bardet-Biedl syndromes. 

Jane’s current research focuses on understanding the development of mental health difficulties, and improving the identification of these difficulties, in people with intellectual disabilities, rare genetic syndromes and autism spectrum disorder. She is currently developing clinical assessment tools for use within the NHS. 

Jane has also worked extensively on online resources (Further Inform Neurogenetic Disorders (FIND); with the aim of improving knowledge exchange between families and professionals.  




Information about the 'Autism Today Annual Meeting 2018'

Presentation - Symptoms and diagnosis of autism in individuals with genetic disorders

The importance of understanding the behavioural phenotypes of genetic syndromes associated with intellectual disability [View on researchgate] [Alternative View]

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